Choosing an attorney can be
a gamble

Choosing an attorney who will give your case the attention and care it needs may mean sacrificing experience. On the other hand, choosing a big name law firm might mean that your case gets lost among all the others.

For us—winning is the only option.

Maher Fakhouri promises those great results—and great experience—that you need in fighting your case by giving you both the experience of a big law firm and the attention of a small business. Since graduating from [ ], Maher Fakhouri has worked hard to broaden his general practice while honing his expertise in specific areas of law: divorce, criminal cases, traffic tickets, real estates transactions, DUIs, personal injury, car accidents, and more.

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It's your life. It's your future.
Put it in safe hands.

You don’t want a lawyer who puts your case on the backburner—you want a lawyer who prioritizes your case, and, ultimately, who prioritizes YOU! You want a lawyer whom you can trust. For Maher Fakhouri, that means providing personalized attention, sharp communication, and building a relationship with all clients—no matter how small the case.

How do you pick a great lawyer?

We like to believe extensive experience and great education make a strong lawyer, and Maher Fakhouri has both. He has served as the Special Prosecutor to Poughkeepsie and Assistant Counselor to Poughkeepsie, among other prestigious positions. He’s been entrusted by towns and by Section 8 authorities as a Hearing Officer, and he’s received certificates of appreciation for his support of 60+ elderly clinics. He’s a community asset, a trusted lawyer, and he’s available for you.


Hear Every

Our business is—justice

We understand that considering your case—and wondering if you even have a case—also
involves calculating expenses.
We understand that lawyers can give off the impression of being costly. That’s not the case with Maher Fakhouri. With Maher
Fakhouri, you get a free consultation, always, and you’ll receive the treatment you deserve—money
is the last factor, and your well-being and success is the first.

We’ll fight in your corner.

When we say no case is too small for Maher Fakhouri, we mean it. With an impressive history of winning every type of case—from traffic tickets to real estate to criminal cases—Maher Fakhouri puts clients first.

We don't just talk—we deliver results.

Every case is evaluated independently, and that means that you get a chance to tell your story and have it heard without worrying about money, attention, or potential. Rest assured, Maher Fakhouri will fight for your success and will make the process easy.

Then you need a great attorney!

Choosing a great attorney involves many factors. As a general practice, Maher Fakhouri offers the breadth of experience and versatility to handle any type of case. As a longstanding lawyer of great reputation, Maher Fakhouri offers the type of representation to make you come back every time, with every manner of legal issue. And as a community member, Maher Fakhouri cares—contact today to get in touch!

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