Why Choose Us

How does this process work?

Contacting us through this website, email, or phone, ensures that we have a way of getting back in touch with you, and your communication is immediately noted by our secretary, [ ]. However, this is only a formality of organization—Maher Fakhouri will speak to each and every potential client. We’re interested in every potential opportunity to help you, and we’ll ensure that we can listen to your entire story, beginning to end.

What do those steps look like?

After reaching out through this website, email, or phone, and having said communication noted with our secretary, Maher Fakhouri will give you a call back to talk through your case. Depending on the call, he may also suggest a personal meeting, in which case you continue sharing more of those details that make your case personal and that make it important to you. After considering all aspects of your case, Maher Fakhouri will reach back out and continue communicating about next steps.

Need a great result?

Yes, that means that, at every stage of the process, you will have one-on-one time with Maher Fakhouri, and you will have the attention of a vigorous lawyer ready to represent you and your every need.

You’re not working with a faceless law firm and you’re not a number—you’re a human being, an impactful story, and your business fuels Maher Fakhouri. Every single case receives personalized attention, and every single case receives thorough attention and care.

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Law is complicate matter. It can cause you a big problem. Let us help you!